Black American Literature

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Question Answer
The Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano is the first black autobiography
Who was the captured African who experienced inhumane treatment on the slave ship the Amistad Cinque
Who wrote the Middle PassageRobert Hayden
what writing was a social, psychological, religious and economic exploitation of captured African Slaves who were stripped of both heritage and humanityThe middle passage
Enabled whalers to freely travel the worldseamen protection papers
what type of poem is the middle passage link poem
"O ye nominal Christians" Equiano
Who wrote a letter to Jefferson about his desire for freedom for all black peoplebenjamin banneker
Benjamin banneker was a free black who lived maryland during what century 18th century
What island contains a historic slave castle where african slaves were held before put aboard slave ships for transport Goree Island

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Question Answer
who wrote an elergy lamenating the famous evangalist Rev. Mr. George WhitefieldPhillis Wheatley
Who was called the sable muse Phillis Wheatley
who wrote strong mensterling brown
who wrote the poem "On being brought from Africa to America"Phillis Wheatley
Aunt sues stories was written by Langston Hughes
Aunt sues stories demonstrate the significance of oral tradition
two poems which demonstrate the black strength and resilience to rise above adversity, predjudice and lifes difficulties strong men and still i rises
first african american woman to publish a poem in the USLucy Terry
first african american woman to publish a book of poetry Phillis Wheatley
What did lucy terry write Bar fights
What was Victor Sejour an expatriate
what hymm was written aboard a slave ship by a former slave trader turned christian Amazing Grace