BL between Countries

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Durand Line Pakistan and Afghanistan
Hinderberg line(WW I)Germany and Poland
Marginal LineRussia and Finland
Mac Mohan LineIndia and Tibet/China
Maginot LineFrance and Germany
Medicine Line Canada and USA
17th ParallelNorth Vietnam and South Vietnem
24th ParallelIndia and Pakistan
35th ParallelNorth Carolina and Georgia
36th ParallelBoundary of the State of Missouri with the State of Arkansas
38th ParallelNorth Korea and South Korea
40th ParallelBoundary of the British Colony of Maryland
41st ParallelWyoming and Utah
42nd ParallelNew york and Pennsylvania
43rd ParallelNebraska and South Dakota
49th ParallelCanada and USA
Line of Control ( LOC) Divides Kashmir between India and Pakistan
Radcliffe 17th Parallel India and Pakistan (as claimed by Pakistan)
Oder Neisse Line (WW II)Germany and Poland
Siegfried LineGerman and France
Line of Actual ControlIndia & China on the Northern Border
Blue LineIsreal & Lebanon
Purple Line Israel and Syria
Green Line Israel and its neighbours (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria)
Mason–Dixon lineMaryland and Pennsylvania/Delaware in Colonial America
Curzon LinePoland & Russia
Mannar haime lineRussia and Finland
16 Parallel NorthAngola and Namibia
20 Parallel NorthLibya & Sudan
22 Parallel NorthEgypt & Sudan
25 Parallel NorthMauritania & Mali
31 Parallel North Iraq & Iran

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