BJU Biology Ch. 17 Study Guide

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Section 1

Question Answer
a rod of tough, flexible tissue running the length of the animal's body and serving as its primary supportdorsal notocord
dorsal to the notochord or vertebral column and composes the main part of the nervous systemtubular nerve chord
folds of skin along the neck, during embryonic developmentpharyngeal pouches


Question Answer
a fish has a ____-chambered heart (#)2
a fish has a ______-looped systemsingle
a frog has a _____-chambered heart (#)3
a frog has an additional ____ in the circulatory cycle (compared to fish)loop


Question Answer
(Cold-blooded/Warm-blooded) are ectothermicCold-blooded
(Cold-blooded/Warm-blooded) are endothermicWarm-blooded


Question Answer
the _____ skeleton consists of the skull, vertebral column, and ribsaxial
the _____ skeleton consists of the pectoral girdle and the pelvic girdleappendicular
arteries carry blood _____; veins carry blood _____; capillaries carry blood _____away; towards; through
means: eggs hatch outside the bodyoviparous
means:live birth; nurtured within the motherviviparous
means: live young; NOT nurtured by mother, but egg inside of motherovoviviparous


Question Answer
the 5 parts of the brain are:olfactory lobe, cerebrum, optic lobes, cerebellum, medulla oblongata
brain: smellolfactory lobe
brain: voluntary musclescerebrum
brain: eyesoptic lobe
brain: muscles, some involuntary activitiescerebellum
brain: impulses to and from the spine; reflexesmedulla oblongata

Section 2

Question Answer
class agnatha includeshagfish and lamprey
class chondrichtyes includessharks, rays, skates
class osteichthyes includesbony fish (most fish)
fins, muscle action, and the swim bladder contribute to...movement
overlapping scales, mucus, and chromatophores contribute to...body covering
operculum, gills, and gill filaments contributes to...respiration
brain, spinal cord, and lateral line contribute to...nervous system
female fish _____; males produce _____spawn (lay eggs); milt (fluid containing sperm)