Biopsy, wound vac, blood loss

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Indications for biopsyasymmetric, irregular borders or blurred borders, diameter >6mm, long duration >2 months, spontaneous bleeding, rapid growth, usual hx (age, location), is it inflammed
tenosynovitisoutside jt, inflammation of tendon sheath outside jt
tendinosisinside jt(has the word IN it it)
dif btw acitate and phosphate(classes of steroids)hold up vyle acitate looks cloudy while phosphate is clear
in what direction do lesions growgrow outwards before vertical (so want to catch it while it is expanding horizontally
how would u biopsy a vesicleremove it entirely
how would u biopsy a bullabiopsy the edge
what is an incisional biopsyonly removing a selection portion of the lesion
what size punch biopsy is most commonly used4 mm
ratio for excising lesions3:1
what color are gout crystalsyellow
what biopsy would u do on a lesion with active or spreading marginsexcisional biopsy
biopsy for wartshave biopsy
what type of lesions would u use an needle biopsyneedle-cyst
what type of lesions would u use an incisional biopsyincisional-only want to remove selected portion of lesion such as tumor,
what type of lesions would u use an punch biopsypunch-mole
what type of lesions would u use an excisional biopsymole with actively spreading margins
what type of lesions would u use a shave biopsywart
what type of lesions would u use an curettage biopsywart
what technique is done when section of healthy tissue margin also removedexcisional
when would u not use silvadeen?pt with sulfa allergy


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Pros and disadvantage to closed biopsyeasy to do procedure, no OR cost, cons-small specimen not representative of entire lesion, can't retrieve sufficient amount of tissue
which biopsy is performed under local anesthesia?incisional(however u do not want to inject local into lesion of question)
what does local with epic producehemostasis
T or F incisional punch biopsy is more common than excisionalT
How would u do a punch biopsy techniqueprep skin with alcohol, infiltrate local with epic below biopsy site, stretch skin taut to get rid of wrinkle lines, press punch thr dermis, suture > 4mm, topical antibiotic
how would u do a shave biopsy?remove thin layer of skin with scalpel
shave biopsies are not appropriate forsuspicious pigmented lesions
what does curative mean?entire lesion is removed
technique used when necessary to include full thickness biopsy down to subq tissueexcisional

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why would u use a wound VACto prepare the wound bed for closure, reduce edema, promote granulation tissue formation and remove exudate and infectious material
default setting for wound VAC125mmHG
T or F a wound VAC is placed over a castF under a cast
Wound vac changes are performed how many times a week3x
when would u incr the pressure of a wound vacwhen u have excessive drainage, a large wound volume or when u are using a VAC white foam dressing
when would u dear the pressure of a wound vacextremes of age, risk of bleeding, excessive granulation tissue growth, pain with higher pressures
when would u use continuous therapyhighly exudating wounds, painful wounds
when would u use intermittent therapyminimally exuding wounds, wounds with stalled progress/little granulation tissue
what sponge has polyurethaneblack sponge (VAC granuform dressing)
sponge that opens poresblack sponge (VAC granuform dressing)-reticulated open pores, while white sponge has dense open pores
Helps evenly distribute pressure across wound bedblack sponge (VAC granuform dressing)
which sponge is Hydrophobicblack sponge (VAC granuform dressing)
which sponge is the most painfulblack sponge (VAC granuform dressing)
which sponge produces the most granulation tissueblack sponge (VAC granuform dressing)
which sponge removes the most exudateblack sponge (VAC granuform dressing)
which sponge has metallic silverVAC granuform silver dressing (black sponge with silver)
what is the purpose of VAC granuform silver dressing (black sponge with silver)acts as a barrier against bacteria
which sponge has polyvinyl alcoholVAC white form Dressing (white sponge)
Used in tunnels, tracts and underminingVAC white form Dressing (white sponge)
which sponge is HydrophilicVAC white form Dressing (white sponge)
sponge for more sensitive individualsVAC white form Dressing (white sponge)
sponge that produces less granulation tissueVAC white form Dressing (white sponge)
sponge that has higher tensile strengthVAC white form Dressing (white sponge)
benefits of each spongeBlack-produces the most granulation tissue, and removes the most exudate, silver-barrier against bacteria, white-for sensitive puts
why is the black sponge more painfulproduces the most granulation tissue
what does it means that the black sponge is hydrophobicremoves exudate removal

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indication tibialis posterior tendinitisJ strap, low dye, high dye, reverse J strap
contraindications lateral ankle instabilityJ strap, high dye, reverse J strap
indication pronation syndromeJ strap, low dye, hi dye, reverse J strap
indication medial ligament injuriesJ strap
J strap purposelimit eversion of calcaneus
reverse J strap purposelimit inversion of calcaneus
indication sural nerve entrapmentreverse J strap
indication lateral ankle instabilityreverse J strap
indication peroneal tendinitisreverse J strap
indication peroneal spasmreverse J strap
contraindication tibialis posterior tendinitisreverse J strap
contraindication medial ligament injuriesreverse J strap
contraindication pronation syndromereverse J strap
contraindication plantar fasciitisreverse J strap
contraindication medial ankle painreverse J strap
indication plantar fascitislow dye
indication predomination step to orthoticslow dye
low dye purposealleviate tension in plantar surface of foot
contraindication ankle fracturehigh die
contraindication peroneal spasmhi dye
indication tibialis anterior tendinitishy dye, reverse J strap
indication tarsal tunnel syndromehy dye
contraindication 3rd degree sprainsgibney boot
contraindication fracturesgibney boot
indication 1st and 2nd degree ankle sprainsgibney boot
indication chronic ankle instabilitygibney boot
indication syndesmosis injurygibney boot
plantar figure of 8 indicationacture plantar fasciitis
campbells posterior rest indicationpartial achilles rupture
spica dressing purposeimmobilize digits
indication neuromametatarsal pad
indication arthritismetatarsal pad
indication metatarsalgiametatarsal pad
indication plantar HPKmetatarsal pad, dancer's pad
indication fat pad atrophymetatarsal pad, flabby heel
indication sesamoiditisdancer's pad, spica dressing
indication sesamoid stress fxdancer's pad, spica dressing
indication FHB teninitisdancer's pad
indication AVN of sesamoiddancer's pad
contraindication severe fxdancer's pad
indication displacement of plantar fat pad flabby heel
indication calcaneal nerve entrapment flabby heel
spica purposeimmobilize digits
contraindication allergyspica dressing
contraindication severe edemaspica dressing
contraindication comminuted fxspica dressing
contraindication compound fxspica dressing
contraindication presence of extrusive hardware from surgeryspica dressing
indication turf toespica dressing
indication sub acute goutspica dressing
indication capsulitisspica dressing
indication tendinitisspica dressing
indication maintenance of sx correctionspica dressing