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FRACTION OF FREE DRUG (fu)Portion of the total drug that is readily absorbed and metabolized by the body
Drug Protein Bindingreversible interaction of drugs with proteins in plasma, blood, and tissue constituents having relatively weak bonds
VOLUME OF DISTRIBUTION (Vd)Measure of the extent of distribution and affinity of the drug for various tissues
CLEARANCE (Cl)Measurement of drug elimination from the body volume of blood clered per unit time, usually l/jf or ml/min describes the efficiency of irrevesible elimination of a drug from the body constant relating the cp to the elimination rate
CLEARANCE (Cl)Used in determining the dose rate required to maintain steady state
ELIMINATION RATE CONSTANT (k)Factor that determines the rate of drug elimination represents the sum of processes of elimination
MAINTENANCE DOSE RATE (Dm)Required dose rate to achieve a target steady state plasma drug concentration (Css)
LOADING DOSE (DL)Dose that is required to reach steady state more quickly
INFUSION RATE (R) Amount of drug entering the body.
STEADY STATEplasma concentration of the drug at steady state. It is the plasma concentration achieved as time approaches INFINITY
DRUG ELIMINATION HALF-LIFETime when the drug will be eliminated from the system

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Rate constantdetermined to obtain the elimination half-life
LOADING DOSE PLUS IV INFUSIONMethod is done to reach the steady state faster and maintain it for a long period of time
Drug EliminationIrreversible removal of drug from the body by all routes of
Excretion removal of the intact drug.
Biotransformation (metabolism) drug is chemically converted in the body to a metabolite.
Clearance (mL/min or L/hr)Describes drug elimination from the body without identifying the mechanism of the process.
Clearance (mL/min or L/hr)Volume of fluid removed of the drug from the body per unit time.
Renal ClearanceVolume that is removed from the drug per unit of time through the kidney.
Hepatic ClearanceVolume of blood that perfuse the liver which is cleared of drug per unit time.
CreatinineTo measure creatinine levels, blood samples and urine samples were taken.
CreatinineSerum creatinine levels are used to measure glomerular filtration rate (GFR).
Creatinine ClearanceCommon clinical test for renal function since creatinine is formed in the body and is excreted almost entirely by filtration in the kidney.
Cockcroft & Gault EquationFor stable renal function
Jelliffe EquationFor unstable renal function
Schwartz EquationFor creatinine levels of children
1-fethe proportion of the bioavailable dose that is metabolized

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