Biomes Quiz

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how many biomes are there?7
what are the biomes?tundra, taiga (coniferous forest), temperate grassland, temperate forest, tropical forest, savanna, desert, and chaparral
what are the biomes characterized by?interrelated factors such as temperature, precipitation, latitude, (abiotic) and vegetation (biotic)

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tropical foresthot temperature (about 23 Celsius), variable rainfall creating long dry seasons and dry forests in the lowlands and deciduous forests where the wet and dry forests are distinct, located at or near equator
savannahot temperature, 3 distinct seasons (cool and dry, hot and dry, warm and wet), found between 15 north and 30 south latitudes, grassland scattered with trees, has porous soil that drains water and has low nutrients, supports low grasses and small plants, and deciduous trees and shrubs during the rains
deserthot-warm temperature, can be hot or cold, hot ones have soil surface temperatures above 60 celsius and large temperature changes throughout the day, driest of all biomes with low and unpredictable precipitation, located between 15 and 35 degrees north and south, plants and animals adapted to dry and hot environment (light colors, deeply rooted, active at night...)
chaparralwarm temperature, mild rainy winters and long hot dry summers, found along the coast between 30 and 40 latitude, has dense spiny shrubs with tough evergreen leaves, adapted to short growing season and low nutrient soil, the dry shrubs are susceptible to fire but resprout quickly after one, animals are mostly browsers (deer, birds, rodents, lizards...)
temperate grasslandwarm temperature but relatively cold winter temperatures, seasonal drought and occasional fires, 375-750 mm of rainfall, grazed by large mammals that prevent growth of woody shrubs and trees, soil is deep and fertile, low mulch (decaying plants) accumulation
temperate (deciduous) forestwarm temperature, located at or above 30 north or south latitude, wet enough to support large trees, more open than tropical forests, but trees not as tall, several levels of plants with greatest amount of animals on and just below ground, long growing season
taiga (coniferous forest)cool temperature (long cold winters, short wet summers), 400-600 mm of rain, located above 30 north latitude, soil thin, low nutrient, and acidic, short growing season (50-100 days)
tundra (both)topsoil thaws but subsoil always frozen, grazing animals such as oxen, caribou, reindeer, lemmings, predators like foxes, wolves, owls, polar bears
tundra (alpine)found all over world above where trees grow (high altitudes), nightly temperatures often below freezing, insects common and adapted to wind with short wings
tundra (arctic)surrounding North Pole, bitterly cold, long winters and short summers, short growing season (less than 60 days), sunlight goes from none at peak of winter to 24 hours at peak of summer