Biology vocabulary

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phylogenyevolutionary story of species
evolutionary classification the strategy of grouping organisms together based in evolutionary history
derived characteristicstraits shared by members of a group of organisms with many similarities, known as a clade
cladograma diagram that shows evolutionary relationships among a group of organisms
binary fissiona form of asexual reproduction in which pone cell divides, forming two identical cells
obligate aerobesorganism that requiresoxnigen to glow. these organisms use oxygen to metabolize substances like sugars, fats and energy
obligate anaerobesmicroorganism killed by normal atmospheric concentrations of oxygen. oxygen tolerance valves between species
Peptidoglycan a polymer that is composed of polysaccharides and peptide chains and is found specially in bacterial cell walls
chitina fibrous substance consisting of polisacharide forming the major constituent in the exoesqueleton of arthropods and the cell walls of a fungi
hyphaethe long branching filaments of which the mycelium (the greater part of the plant) of a fungus reformed