Biology Test

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Question Answer
Field WorkStudy in natural environment
Benefits of field workNatural Behaviors interaction with environment ex. prey and predators
Labaratory ExperimentsBring Animals to lab
Benefits of lab expirementsControlled experiments, can test a specific thing
Model of living things Simulation of animal
Benefits using modelsSafer, easier to see, can do controlled experiments
BiologyStudy of life
ChemicalsAll objects (things you can touch)
Some chemicals areOxygen, water, protein
AtomsThe smallest pieces of chemical
Atoms contains?Nucleus, Electron
NucleusCenter of the atom Positive charge
ElectronsMove around the outside negative charge
Chemical Symbols: H1 C6 O8 N7 P15Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus
Molecule2 or more atoms attached together
Molecules examples:Water, sugar, fat
BondsHold atoms together
Bonds are made when?Two atoms shared electrons
Chemical formulaTell what is inside a molecule what type of atoms and how many of each.
CarbonMain atom in your molecules
Monomerssmaller molecules that link together
PolymersLarge molecules made of many monomer linked together