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classification system from less important to more important Domain,kingdom, phylum, class,order,family,group,species
what are the 3 domains? Archaea, bacteria, eukarya
what are the 6 kingdoms?archaebacteria, eubacteria, protista, fungi, Animalia plantea
what kingdoms are unicellular?archaeologists, bacteria
what kingdoms are multicellular?protist, Animalia, planate, fungi
which kingdoms are prokaryotes?archaebacteria, eubacteria
which kingdoms are eukaryotes?protist, fungi, plantae, animalia
which kingdoms are autotrophs and heterotrophs?archaebacteria, eubacteria, protist
which kingdoms are heterotrophs?fungi, Animalia
which kingdom is autotrophplantae
what information use scientist to classify?structural, biochemical, embryological, behavioral, fossils
scientists now group organisms into categories that represent their ________________ this is called_______________________Evolutionary descent
cladograms are used to show___________________evolutionary relationships
cladograms are made by analyzing _______________________ characteristics that appears in recent organisms of a lineage but not older onesderived characteristics
what is a dichothomous key? taxonomic key to identify organisms
what is dichotomous key made of?characterizes of the organism, and organism information
what new level did scientists add to the classification system ?domain
domain level is __________________ and more__________________ than the kingdomlarger, inclusive
how many domains are?3
bacteria domain includes: eubacteria
archaea domain includes:archaebacteria
Eukarya domain includes:fungi, protist, Animalia, plantae
how many kingdoms are?6
kingdoms are based on....the presence or absence of a nucleus, if the organism is unicellular or multicellular, and the type of nutrition
taxa that are more specific that genus are __________________species
what is the highest classification level?Domain
what is the most specific classification level?species
what is the study of how living things are classified?taxonomy
this organism has a cell wall comprised of cellulose, what kingdom do I belong to?plantae
there are a total of 6 kingdoms, four kingdoms consist of eukaryotes while the other two consist of prokaryotes. Name the two kingdoms that contain prokaryotic organisms archaebacteria, bacteria
name the kingdom that contains eukaryotic organism that can be autotrophic or heterotrophic, very few have a chloroplast present and some can be multicellular protista
Definition of eukaryotecell that has a nucleus
definition of prokaryote cell that does not contain a nucleus
definition of flagellawhip organism used by organisms to move
Definition of cilia hair like structures used by an organism to move
definition of pseudopodfalse feet used by an organism to move

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