Biology Quiz Ch. 11

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Question Answer
geneticsscientific study of heredity
true-breedingplants that self-pollinate produce offspring identical to themselves
hybridoff-spring of parents with different traits
cross-pollinationpollen fertilizes the egg cell in a DIFFERENT plant
self-pollinationpollen fertilizes the egg cell in the SAME plant
traita specific characteristic that varies from individual to individual e.g. seed color
genethe factors that determine the characteristics of a species
allelea form of a gene
segregationseparation of alleles
gametesex cells
compare/contrast dominant and recessive allelesdominant alleles only need one of these to have the trait show up; recessive alleles 2 of the genes to have this trait show up
probabilitylikelihood a particular event will occur
Punnett squarea drawing to demonstrate the gene combinations that might occur from a genetic cross
homozygoushas two identical alleles for a particular trait eg. TT
heterozygoustwo different alleles for the same trait eg. Tt
phenotypethe external appearance of an organism as determined by its genotypes
genotypegenetic makeup of an organism according to its genes
independent assortmentgenes that segregate independently do not influence each other's inheritance, like seed shape and seed color
incomplete dominanceone allele is not completely dominant over another
codominancewhen both alleles are dominant and expressed in the phenotype
multiple allelesboth alleles contribute to the phenotype of the organism
polygenic traitstraits controlled by two or more genes, like skin color in humans