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Among the large biological molecules (macromolecules) that makes the human body, the best informant molecule regarding who you are isDNA
Scientists that concluded DNA as a genetic material by running elegant experiment using bacteriophage Hershey and Chase
Which way is not the way meiosis increases genetic diversity?Independent assortment of chromosomes, crossing over, random fertilization
If the DNA content of a diploid cell is X, then the DNA content of the cell at metaphase I of meiosis I would be X
If the cell in the above question completes cell division, then the DNA content of the cell at the end of meiosis II would be2X
There is this gene for flower color in a certain plant where the dominant allele F is blue and the recessive allele f is white. What is the phenotype of Ff?Blue
What genotypic ratio you would expect for the F1 hybrid crossed to itself in the above question?2-2-2
If a carrier healthy person with Ff of a certain human recessive diseases like cystic fibrosis has children with affected person with ff, what are the odds of having healthy children?50%
Which of the following is not required for sequencing of a gene? Template DNA, primer, nucleotide (A,G,T,C), dideoxynucleotide
Test cross is the technique to…Test of true breeding for individuals with Ff or FF dominant/recessive traits. Cross homozygous recessive is the unknown individual
What are linked genes?Genes that are located on the same chromosome
Genetic phenomenon deviating from Mendelian Genetics ratiosWhen alleles are not completely dominant, when a gene has more than 2 alleles, when a gene produces multiple phenotype, incomplete dominance, codominance, pleiotropy and epistasis.
Which of the following is a possible gamete for an individual animal with the genotype of FFbb?Fb
What might happen if a nucleotide mutates? Deletions, duplication, inflation, translocation
What is the complementary mRNA sequence to 3’-ATGC-5’ DNA?5’ UACG 3’
What are transcription factors?Mediate the binding of RNA polymerase and the initiation of transcription. General transition factor, specific transcript factor
What biotechnology is used to increase the amount of DNA?DNA cloning
Why are researchers interested in stem cells from embryonic cells that kills the embryo when they can harvest cells from adult humans that does not affect?Adult human cells are highly specialized, can’t be reprogrammed. Stem cells can be.
Over generations, natural selection favored intermediate optimum size in human new born babies. This type of natural selection is termed. STABILIZING: intermediate. Directional: one extreme end. Disruptive: both end of extremes.
Suppose you collected genetic data for a population over generations. What can be implied about such a population?Population is not going through evolution at the time
Know all the forces behind evolution (population genetics)3 major factors alter allele frequencies and bring about most evolutionary change are: natural selection, genetic drift, gene flow
What does fitness means in evolutionary theory sense? Ability to reproduce
One cricket species is not sexually active when the other species is ready for sex. What type of isolation is this?Temporal isolation
Which of the following is considered to be an evidence or source of evidence for evolution?Direct observations, homology, fossil record, biogeography, comparative embryology
In parapatric speciationPopulation share a border area and boundaries
A frog female releases her eggs into the water. There may be sperm from several frog species in the water but ONLY sperm from her species can fertilize her eggs. What type of isolation is this?Gametic isolation
The origin of life is still mysterious but it is simple to suggest steps that might have taken place towards the origin of life. What do you think is the most important step leading to life on Earth? Structure that is close to plasma membrane
The biological species concept defines species based on…Scientists categorize organisms into species based on their physical, genetic, and behavioral characteristics. The most common method for species differentiation is the biological species concept, which defines a species as a population of organisms that can interbreed to produce viable, fertile, offspring
Agricultural and urban development divide wild life habitat into isolated fragments. What type of speciation might occur?Allopatric speciation
Assume a population with 0.6 homozygous recessive allelic frequency. What is the frequency of homozygous dominant alleles based on Hardy-Weinberg proposal? .4 (p+q=1)
What is the frequency of homozygous dominant individual genotypes based on Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in the above question?Square root of .4= .63
What is the frequency of homozygous recessive individual genotypes based on Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in the above question?Square root of .6= .77
Which force of change in allelic frequency tends to tie individuals in a population?Gene flow keeps population together
What are the two requirements for the natural selection?Genetic variation and reproduction
Let us say a storm carried an insect species with green, white, black, and brown color varieties living in the main land of US to an island that has a lot of calcium carbonate making the island predominantly white background environment. Which group of insect you would expect to camouflage very well and survive in their new home island if there are birds that feed on such insects?The white insects
In the above question, what evolutionary force will be in play and can affect the population?Genetic drift affects small population

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