Biology Exam 3 Study guide 2

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Question Answer
why would stomata close?to prevent water loss
what happens when stomata is closed?photorespiration
since stomata is closed:CO2 cannot enter (therefore no Calvin Cycle), O2 cannot leave, therefore plants will use O2 instead of CO2 in the calvin cycle (Rubisco enzyme not very specific). This is wasteful and no glucose will be produced
two mechanisms to prevent photorespirationthe C4 pathway and the Crassulacean metabolism (CAM)
C4 plantshave chloroplasts in mesophyll cells and in bundle sheath cells. Uses PEP carboxylase instead of Rubisco to capture CO2. (it is much more selective for CO2 than rubisco). Creates malate and in bundle sheath cell is broekn down to pyruvate and CO2, giving rubisco the CO2 needed for make glucose
CAMthe stomata stays closed during the day and opens at night. Carbon fixation step in night time and carbon cycle in day time.
in cellular respiration, the H+ gradient is created in the intermembrane space

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