Biology- Ecology

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Question Answer
What is ecologyStudy of living things in their natural environment
What is biotic factorsLiving things in an area
What is abiotic factorsNon-living things in an area
What is habitatPlace where organism lives
What is communityAll living organisms in a particular place
What is populationMembers of the same species
What is ecosystem All living things (biotic) and non-living things (abiotic) which interact in a particular place.
What is a transectA line running through an area to investigate change
How does one avoid bias in samplingBy aimlessly placing the quadrant
How does one make their sampling more accurateBy taking more samples to give a true representative of data
What do arrows represent in food chainsFlow of energy
What is a producerOrganism trapping energy through photosynthesis
Why are food chains usually shortBecause energy is lost at each stage