Biology - Cells

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Section 1

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MovementChange of position
NutritionPlants use substances to make their own food using photosythesis
GrowthAn irreversible increase in size
ReproductionThe production of more organisms of the same kind
RespirationThe release of energy from food
Sensitivity Detection and response to changes in the enviorment
ExcretionRemoval of waste products

Section 2

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Nerve cellLong, thin, carries messages over long distances
Red blood cellNo nucleus, cytoplasm filled with hymoglobin, carries oxygen to cells.
Sperm cellSmall, thin, moves fast with long thin tail to find eggs to fertalize
Muscle cellFilled with fibres

Section 3

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Ciculatory systemheart,arteries,veins-transport nutrients
Nervous systemBrain,spinal cord,nerves,sense organs
Digestive systemTongue,intestines,pancreas
Excretory SystemKindneys,bladder,urethra
Musculo-skeletal systemLungs,brondin,nasal passages,trachea
Reproduction systemUterus,vagina,testes

Section 4

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CytoplasmThe fluid, chemical reactions take place here
Cell wallStrengthens the cell, gives it its shape
NucleusControls the activities of the cell
Large permanent vacoleStores cell sap
ChloroplastsIt absorbs energy to make photosynthesis for food

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