Biology 2A questions

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How do we define matter? Anything that occupies space
Define what chemistry is, using the word “matter “. The study of matter and the changes it undergoes
are pure substances that can’t be broken down into simpler substances by ordinary chemical reactions.elements
What 5 elements are essential to life?Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Calcium
is the smallest unit of an element.atom
are atoms having the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons.isotopes
Describe in your own words what happens to cause an ionic bondwhen an atoms collide, one atom takes electrons from the others and it turns into a positive and negative atom.
Describe in your own words what happens to cause a covalent bondA bond which they share electrons.
Describe in your own words what a hydrogen bond isTwo covalent bonds that have a weak attraction
What is one unique feature of water that is caused by hydrogen bonding? Gives water of its unique properties.
is energy in motionkinetic energy
stored energy.potential energy
#1 law of thermodynamic 1-law: energy is neither created or destroyed.
# 2 law of thermodynamic 2-law: Whenever energy is used, some is wasted.
when we insert heat or absorb heat. It should get colder. Endothermic reactions
release heat and it should get hotter. Exothermic reactions