Biology 2

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What two things release hormones in the menstrual cycle?The pituitary gland and the ovaries
What is secreted by the pituitary gland?FSH and LH
What is secreted by the ovaries?Oestrogen
What does FSH do?Matures eggs and stimulates ovaries to produce oestrogen
What does oestrogen do?Stimulates the lining of the womb for pregnancy and slows the production of FSH
What does the pill contain?Oestrogen so it stops the production of FSH
What is the balancing act of controlling conditions in the body called?Homeostasis
What can our kidneys do to change?It can change the amount of salt and water lost in the urine depending on body conditions.
What happens if you drink alot of water?The kidneys will remove the extra water from your blood and will produce pale urine
Why is our body at 37 degrees? It is because this is the temperature that our enzymes work best
Where are the hormones that help with glucose levels?In the pancreas
What do hormones in the pancreas do?Help to control our sugar levels
What hormone changes plant responses?Auxins
What is the response to light in a plant called?Phototropism
What is the response to gravity in plants called?Gravitropism
Why does a response take place?There is an uneven distribution of auxins in the shoot, resulting in a bend
What is a drug?Something that makes your body respond in a certain way
Why does an addiction occur?Drugs may change the chemical processes in your body so people become addicted
What are organisms what survive and reproduce called?Extremophiles
What do animals compete for?Food, territory and mates
What happens to the amount of food as it goes up the pyramid?It goes down
Where does the energy go in plants and animals?Waste, movement and respiration and keeping a steady heat
What do decomposers do?They return the nutrients and other materials to the enviroment
What are detritus feeders?Maggots, worms ect
What are the waste products of decomposers?Carbon dioxide, water and nutrients that plants can use
What makes it easier for decomposition? being warmer because they work faster in warm conditions, being moist because it is easier for them to dissolve the food and oxygen because decay needs to respire
What is the information for inheritance carries by?Genes
What are the sex cells that pass on the genes called?Gametes
Where is the genetic information in your cells?In the nucleus
What is inside the nucleus?The chromosomes that are made up of a special chemical called DNA
What is DNA known as shape wise?A double helix
How many chromosomes do humans have?46
How many genes are in a chromosome?2
What is asexual reproduction?Asexual reproduction only involves 1 parent

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