Biology 1

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What is an infectious disease caused by?Microorganisms entering and attacking the body
What microorganisms cause disease?Pathogens
What are bacteria?Single celled living organisms
What does bacteria do once inside the body?Reproduce rapidly
What do viruses do inside the body?Take over cells whilst reproduce and explode, damaging the cells
How does bacteria reproduce?It splits into two
How do you catch an infectious disease? A pathogen gets into the body off of someone who is infected by the disease
What did Ignaz Semmelweis discover?That by washing hands, it stopped deaths in childbirth
What ways can infections get into the body?Droplet infection eg coughing, direct contact eg sexually transmitted diseases, contaminated food and drink and through a break in your skin
what does your skin do to prevent bacteria?Skin works as a barrier
Why and how does your skin scab over?It forms a clot to stop any more pathogens getting into the cut
What is the role of a white blood cell and what can it do?It is too fight off pathogens and it can ingest them, produce antibodies and produce antitoxins

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