Biological Science

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National 4 Biological Science


On this page you will learn the terms required for Science for Excellence. Good luck!

It All Depends On


Question Answer
AdaptationOrganism design to enable survival in its surroundings
Aerobic RespirationEnergy release involving oxygen
BioticRelated to living things
ParasiteOrganism that lives on another one and causes harm
PopulationAll the members of a species living in a particular place
ProtistSingle-celled organism

Plant Growth and Reproduction


Question Answer
CloneGenetically identical offspring
DifferentiationProcess whereby cells become specialised
DormantPeriod of inactivity
MeristemPlant growth tissue
OptimumMost favourable conditions in relation to a response
PropagationIncreasing the number of plants
VegetativeReferring to vegetation

Investigating Aerobic Respiration


Question Answer
AerobicWith oxygen
AnaerobicWithout oxygen
OptimumIdeal conditions
RespirationBiochemical process that releases energy from chemical sources

Saving The Planet


Question Answer
BiorenewablesFuel sources derived from living materials
Global WarmingGradual increase in the earth’s temperature which is contributing to climate change
Greenhouse EffectTrapping of heat energy close to the earth’s surface due to a build-up of certain gases such as dioxide and methane
MeanA statistical term used to describe the arithmetical average
TerawattA million million watts

Finding A Perfect Balance


Question Answer
Adipose TissueAnother name for body fat
Endocrine GlandsBody glands that made hormones
HydrationAddition of water
OptimumConditions whereby the maximum response takes place



Question Answer
LearningChange of behaviour as a consequence of practice, training or experience.
Innate LearningLearning which has been inherited, sometimes called instinct.

Cell Growth and Repair


Question Answer
BivalentTwo parts
MeristemPlant growth tissue
MitosisCell division
Stem CellUnspecialised cell produced in rapidly dividing tissue



Question Answer
Gene TherapyUsing DNA to treat inherited diseases
NanometreOne thousand millionth of a metre
NanotechnologyScience that occurs at atomic and molecular scales
StapleThe main source of energy and nutrients in the diet
VectorA carrier

Reproduction and Animal Life Cycles


Question Answer
AsexualIncrease in population that has resulted from one parent without exchange of sex cells where offspring are identical to that parent
CystDormant (resting) stage of life cycle; often covered with a protective coat
SexualIncrease in population that has resulted from 2 parents and exchange of sex cells where offspring are genetically unique



Question Answer
AllelesAlternative forms of genes
CharacteristicsRefers to inherited traits like hair/eye colour
DominantThe allele that is displayed when 2 are present
GameteSex cell
Genetic CounsellingProfessional healthcare advice
HeterozygousCarrying 2 different alleles
Hexaploid6 sets of chromosomes
HomozygousCarrying 2 identical alleles
MotileAble to move, like sperm moved by its tail
PloidyThe number of sets of chromosomes in a cell
SomaticRefers to diploid body cells
Tetraploid4 sets of chromosomes



Question Answer
Amino AcidsBuilding blocks for protein
Metabolismall the cell’s chemical and physical processes
PolymerLarge molecule made from repeating basic units
SaccharidesCarbohydrate sugar molecules