Biofyz MCQ Questions (For exam)

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Which particle has the lowest rest mass?Neutrino
The Nucleon Number of a nuclide decrease by 1. This is because...None (Loss of a proton)
Units of attenuation coefficient for gamma-rays in a medium are:None (m^2 per Kilogram)
The Dipole Moment of a chemical bond is proportional to...(???) Partial Charge and distance between partial charges
An irreversible thermodynamic process in an isolated system is characterised by...Increasing entropy in the system
The amount of oxygen dissolved in the blood can be calculated according to...Henry's Law
In the Stationary State, a thermodynamic system...Needs energy to keep a high level of ordering
Which formula is used to calculate the mechanical work done by the heart?W = p . ΔV
During Inspiration...Pleural pressure is lower than during expiration
Which of the following is correct... (sound intensity)Loudness Level is measured in Phon

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The Lumen is the unit ofLuminous Flux
The rhodopsin is mostly found in...Outer segment of rods
When freq. of AC decreases, tissue impedance...decreases
The unit "gray/second" is used for...Dose Rate
Which of these devices do not serve primarily for the detection of a biosignal?x-ray imaging // videoendoscope // MRI
The P wave is the manifestation of...Contraction of the Atria
We can increase the resolving limit of a microscope by use of:Light of a shorter wavelenght
Least dangerous imaging method for patients is...Ultrasonography
Ultrasonic Colour flow mapping, some vessels red, some vessels blood streams away from probe // red: blood streams towards probe
What is the function of the Bucky grid in an X-ray device?None (reduce the quantity of scattered x-rays that reach the film)

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Absorbed dose of a CT scan?1-10mSv
MRI values of density of magnetic flux?0.1-3T (tesla)
Which is not an electrotherapeutic methodMicrowave diathermy
The afterloader is a source of:Ionizing raditation
Sievert is equal^-1
Highest sampling frequency:EEG
QRS of an electrcardiogram represents:Depolarisation of the ventricles, repolarisation of the atria (masked)
Image seen in a standard compounds microscope;Inverted virtual
Which imaging method is totally safe for patients:Thermography
Glass optical fibres used in endoscope because they are...Very flexible

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Geometric blur (Penumbra) caused by...too big a distance from patient // Finite size of the focal point
Very important difference between SPECT and PETUse of gamma emitters in SPECT and use of Positron emitters in PET
Defibrillator is used in case of Ventricular Fibrillation
Cobalt and Caesium Bombs are replaced by...None.
Diff between haemodialysis and Haemofiltrationhaemodialysis: Diffusion // Haemofiltration: Membrane filtration under pressure
How many bits to encode the number 8?4 bits
Force of separation of a double helix increases withContent of CG pairs
If the Pressure of an ideal perfect gas increases 2x in a reversible isothermic processVolume increases 2x
Gibb's Adsorption equation enables us to calculate the;amount of substance in the liquid surface
Which substance has the biggest diffusion coefficient (in water)?Sodium ions

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Systole of the right ventricle under resting conditions produces work of ...20% of the left ventricle...0.19J (none shown)
Nernst Equation based on distribution of:Potassium Ions
Cells of the organ of corti are stimulated by;Streaming of the perilymph
Unit of lux is used forIlluminance
What does number 18 mean on a snellen chart?No medical significance.
How not to get an electric shock from accidentally touching a live wire?Stay insulated from the earth, touch nothing else.