Biodiversity and Organismal Biology

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TaxonomyThe branch of biology that deals w/ classification of organisms
Taxonomical Hierarchy Domain > Kingdom > Phylum > Class > Order > Family > Genus > Species
Binomial nomenclatureThe standard naming of all organisms w/ genus & species. Ex: the manatee: Trichechus manatus

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Vascular PlantsMore complex than nonvascular. Has vascular tissues which transport water & nurtients
RootsAbsorb water, minerals, & nutrients
Root HairsIncrease the surface area for absorption
Mycorrhiza (plural form is mycorrhizae) A (usually) mutualistic relationship between a fungus & the roots of a plant. The fungus gets carbohydrates from the plant. The plant benefits from increased absorption of water & materials.

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Embryology (process)the fertilized egg undergoes cleavage to become a multicellular embryo. Later the cells differentiate & the embryo organized into 3 tissues of germ layers
Ectoderm (1 of 3 tissues/germ layers)the outside layer. Gives rise to structures such as the nervous system & the outer layers of the skin
Endoderm ( 1 of 3 tissues/germ layers)the inner layer. Gives rise to the lining of the digestive tract & some associated structures
Mesoderm( 1 of 3 tissues/germ layers)the middle layer. Forms muscle & most organ systems
ApoptosisProgrammed cell death, which plays a role in the development of an embryo