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What are the three classes of carbohydrates?Monosaccharides, disaccharides and polysaccharides are classes of carbohydrates
What are Monosaccharides?Monosaccharides are alpha glucose or beta glucose rings
What are Disaccharides?Disaccharides consist of two monomer subunits
What are Polysaccharides?Polysaccharides consist of long chains of monosaccharides
Name four categories of lipidsFats, phospholipids, steroids, and waxes are four categories of lipids
What are fats?Fats consist of fatty acids and a glycerol molecule
What are phospholipids?Phospholipids make up the lipid bilayer in cell membranes. They have hydrophilic heads with hydrophobic tails
What are steroids?Steroids consist of four fused carbon rings with a hydroxyl group at the end
What are waxes?Waxes consist of fatty acid chains linked to alcohols or carbon rings
What are the four levels of protein structure?Primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary stucture
Explain the primary structure of proteinsThe primary structure consists of a proteins unique linear structure of amino acids
Explain the secondary structure of proteinsThe secondary structure consists of an alpha helix coil or a beta pleated sheet caused by hydrogen bonds
Explain the tertiary structure of proteinsThe tertiary structure is the three dimensional shape or a protein resulting from the interactions between amino acid R groups
Explain the quaternary structure of proteinsThe quaternary structure consists of two or more polypeptides coming together
What types of bonds result in