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Biochemistry Gene Terms

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Question Answer
SWI/SNFChromatin-remodeling complex, shuffle nucleosomes along chromatin
Pax6Transcription factor over expressed in case study of D. melongaster leading to knowledge of eye development
MyoDTranscription factor over expressed in case study leading to knowledge of muscle development
GATA1Transcription factor for development and function of red blood cells genes and development of blood cell
CREcAMP- dependent regulatory elements in DNA sequences for gene expression
CREBTranscription factor that binds to CRE regulator sequences
CBPBinds to CREB and coactivates it for gene regulation, acetyltransferase activity
DNMTDNA methyltransferase
barr bodyhighly compacted X-chromosome associated with X-inactivation
MacroH2AVariant histone in inactivated X chromosomes interfering with SWI/SNF remodelling and transcription factor binding
XistncRNA produced by young X chromosomes that binds to and inactivates chromosome
Igf-2Insulin-like growth factor

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