Bio Writing Assignment Study Guide

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Section 1

Question Answer
what is the currency of cellular respirationATP
how do cells generate ATPby metabolism. breakdown molecules that contain lots of energy (i.e. carbs, fats, proteins)
what is metabolism?breakdown molecules that contain lots of energy
how do photosynthetic organisms obtain energy?capture the energy of sunlight and store it in the form of glucose
what is the point of ATP and glycoloisis?they breakdown (oxidize) sugar molecules to make ATP
what is the point of photosynthesis?to make glucose
_________ is a key energy-storage molecule. Used or stored as neededglucose
what type of cells can breakdown sugar to make ATP?all cells
what do plants store glucose as?starch
what do animal cells store glucose as?glycogen
what happens when animal cells need energy?glucose is picked off from glycogen
why don't we set glucose on fire to metabolize it instead of going through many steps?all of the released energy would be lost as heat. We do not want to transfer all of the energy at once
many steps=many points of regulation

Section 2

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glycolysisbreak down glucose to pryuvate while releasing some ATP
cellular respirationif Oxygen is present, break down pyruvate into CO2 and H2O while generating LOTS of ATP
fermentationif no O2 is present, keep glycolysis going by breaking down pyruvate into CO2 and lactic acid(muscles) or ethanol (yeast)
the 2 main stages of glucose breakdownglycolysis and cellular respiration
if no O2 is present, what is the second step of glucose breakdownfermentation

Section 3

Question Answer
where does glycolysis occur?in the cytosol
does glycolysis require oxygen?no.
what does glycolysis break glucose into?pyruvate