Bio test review

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the slow and gradual change in species is calles _________________evolution
homologous srtucturesame structure, different function, common ancestor
analogous structuredifferent structure, same function, does not have a common ancestor
artificial selectioncombining different but similar species to gain desired traits
natural selection"Survival to the fittest" organisms who are more adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring
who proposed evolution through natural selection?Charles darwin
why might one variation have a selective advantage over another variations?One variation may help organisms survive being immune to chemicals that once killed them
survival of the fittestthe best adapt trades to reproduce
how are natural selection, adaptation, and fitness all interrelated?natural selection deals with the traits that allows organisms to survive longer than those without the trait or adaptations, fittest is the ability for the organisms to survive based on the traits and variations
stabilizing selectionfavors individuals with average traits
disruptive selectionfavors both individuals with the extreme variations of the trait . leads to the creation of two new species
directional selection favores one of the extreme variations
covergent evolutionorganisms not closely related being to involve similar traits due to them adapting to similar environments
divergent evolution two separate species involve differently from a common ancestor. they appear different the outside, but inside are the same, can be traced back to a common ancestor
vestigal structuresstructures that where use by an ancestor but now we not use it anymore
examples of vestigial structuresappendix, wisdom teeth, tonsils
what are the major driving forces behind evolution?natural selection, mutation, genetic drift, genetic flow
what factor contributes to the most genetic variations in a organism?mutation, and gene flow
what is speciation?the formation of distinct and new species in the course of evolution
what species of animals did Darwin focus a lot his attention on the Galapagos? finches
what is adaptive radiation?organisms diversify quickly and start to adapt to their new environment after moving from the original
what is a mutation?is a gene to the structure of a gene resulting in a variation
what type of cells is believed to be the first to grave rise to all other life?prokaryotic cells
natural selection occurs at what level?population level

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