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Identify the steps in making a proteinA. Transcription - B. Translation - C. Synthesis - a. Triplet - b. DNA - c. MRNA - d. codon - e. amino acid
Weird shaped thingA. polypeptide - B. tRNA - C. rRNA - D. Ribosome - E. codon - F. mRNA - G. Anticodon - H. Amino Acid - Process 1. Synthesis
The functional unit of DNA and RNA polymers are nucleotides
_____ is a genetic information molecule with its 5-C sugars as ______ while _____ is a genetic transport molecule with its 5-C sugar as _____DNA, dioxyribose ; RNA, ribose
The base pair rule during DNA replication states that _____ pairs with ______ and ______ pairs with ______adenine, thymine ; cytosine, guanine
A _____ is a DNA sequence that codes for a specific structural or functional component of an organism gene
An error or change in a genetic code sequence is considered amutation
The operator, promoter and the genes that they control compromise a/anoperon
A _____ binds to the operator and blocks the attachment of RNA polymerase to the promoter preventing the transition of a generepressor
Cell _____ is the process by which cells becomes specialized in structure and functiondifferentiation
The physical processes that give an organism its shape constitutes morphogenesis
_____ ____ control pattern formation in the late embryo, larva and adult stageshomeotic genes
_____ ____ are the molecular cues that tells a cell its location relative to the body axes and to neighboring cellspositional info
_____ irreversibly commits a cell to becoming a specific type of celldetermination
_____ ____ is the development of a spacial organization of tissues and organspattern formation
_____ ____ is an example of an activator that binds to a promoter to establish positive control over an operoncyclic AMP