Bio-Molecule Notes

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Section 1

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what are known for short term energy storage?carbohydrates
what does the prefix mono mean?one
what does the prefix poly mean?many
what is the ratio for carbohydrates?1:2:1
what are known for long term storage?lipids
what biomolecule is insoluble?lipids
what is a saturated fatty acid chain?no double bonds
what is an unsaturated fatty acid?double bonds
what are lipids?long term storage and large biomolecules that are insoluble
what makes up the cell membrane?lipids
what are proteins?very large complex polymers composed of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and sometimes sulfur

Section 2

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what is the biomolecule that is the most complex?proteins
Amino acids are the subunit of ...proteins
what are the types of proteins?structural, storage, transport, defensive, enzymes
what are nucleic acids?the meter code for protein production
DNA and RNA are types of what biomolecule?nucleic acids
what is the subunit of nucleic acids?nucleotides
what is ATPprimary energy provider of all cells.

Section 3

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1DNA strands uncoils
2the weak hydrogen bonds break, unzipping the DNA strand
3free nucleotides are carried and attach to the appropriate base pairs on both sides of the DNA strand
4as the base pairs bond, a new backbone of sugar and phosphorus is made
end resulttwo identical daughter cells each with original DNA and new DNA

Section 4

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when does DNA replication occur?S Phase / before mitosis
what are the components of nucleotide?phospate, base, and sugar