Bio midterm review 3

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Decomposers in an ecosystem They recycle organic molecules of dead organisms back into the ecosystem
Producers in an ecosystem They produce their own food through photosynthesis
Producers Organisms that can convert the suns energy into food.
Primary consumers Herbivores, feeding on plants and fungus
Secondary consumers Organisms that eat producers
Amensalism One organism is harmed, while the other is neither benefitted nor harmed
Parastism One organism benefits, while the other is harmed by the relationship ( + -)
Commensalism One organsim benefits, while the other organism is not affected by the relationship
Mutualism Both organisms benefit from the relationship
Carbon Cycle The cycle in which carbon moves between reservoirs
Carbon reservoirsA natural feature such as rock, oceans,plants,soil,atmosphere, and fossil fules that store carbon containing molecules and excahnges them with other carbon reservoirs

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Molecules cycled by the process of photosynthesis and celluar respiration co2, water, glucose, and oxygen
Carbon is transfered from plants to animals by which molecule glucose
Carbon is transfered from animals to plants by which molecule co2
Carrying Capacity The largest population of a species that an ecosystem can support long-term based on the resources reaction
Limiting factors A component in a system that prevents further change in a particular variable. ( disease, predators, space resource availabilty)