Bio midterm 4

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Section 1

Question Answer
MitochondriaConverts chemical energy into functional energy (ATP) Responsible for providing a cell with its energy by oxidizing food.
Chloroplast PLANT organelle used to make sugar, site of photosynthesis
Vacuole Fluid filled spaces in the cell where food and water are stored (vacum)
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum Sorts and packages things in cytoplasm, transports ribosomes ( production line)
Cell membrane Regulates what enters and excits the cell
NucleusBrain of the cell. Only eukaryote. Contains and protects DNA
Golgi Apparatus Shipping department Sorts and packages things in the cytoplasm such as proteins and lipids

Section 2

Question Answer
Only in plant cells Cell wall, chloroplast, plastid, and central vacolue
Only in animal cells Lysosomes and centrioles
Eukaryotes A cell with a nucleus
ProkaryotesA cell without a nucleus
1st part cell theory All living things are made up with one or more cells
2nd part cell theory Cells are the smallest working units of all living things. cells are the basic unit of function in organisms.
3rd part cell theory Cells come from other cells