Bio Lab Final December 2015

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Section 1

Question Answer
substances that speed up a chemical reactioncatalyst
proteins that help speed up chemical reactions in the body*enzyme*
enzymes are _______very specific
what determines the function of an enzyme?the shape
enzymes catalyze reactions byreducing the activation energy
the activation site is on the __________enzyme
what is the product of tyrosinase?dopachrome
what is the substrate that binds with tyrosinase to form the product?dopa
how did we determine how much product was formed?by using the spectrometer to determine absorbance
how can prokaryotes reproduce?by binary fission or conjuction
which are larger: protists or bacteriaprotists

Section 2

Question Answer
enzymes are ______proteins
enzymes catalyze a reaction by binding to a ____substrate
product the reaction between the enzyme and the substrate forms the substrate into the new product
the region of an eznyme where the substrate molecules bind and undergo the chemical reactionactivation site
long spirly bacteria spirochetes
little blob of bacteria coccus
long straight bacteriabacillus
protists aresingle celled eukaryotes that are larger than bacteria
bacteria are (mostly) single celled prokaryotes
what three things affect enzymes?pH, temperature, and substrate concentration
at a certrain point, a lot of ______ will not cause the enzyme to react any fastersubstrate concentration
what does monocious mean?each individual has both male and female reproductive parts
what does dioceous mean?each individual has either male or female parts

Section 3

Question Answer
which only has radial symmetry?cnidaria (hydra)
the nematoda belongs to which phylum?the ascaris
the earthword belongs to which phylum?annelida
the crayfish belongs to which phylum?arthropoda
the sea star belongs to which phylum?echinoderm
what type of reproduction do sea stars have?**diocious**
ascaris have what type of reproduction?dioceous
what type of reproduction do earth worms have?*monocious*
what type of reproduction do crayfish have?*dioceious*
fungi are eukaryotes and are multicellular
paremicium method of locomotioncilia
euglena method of locomotionflagella
is a paremicium autotrophic or heterotropic?heterotrophic
is a euglena autotropic or heterotrophic?autotrophic
euglena and paramecium areunicellular protists
who has an eyespot?euglena

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