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Evolution is changes that occur in______________populations
The type of natural selection that favors the average individuals is ________ stabilizing
Why is the Founder Effect a mechanism for change over time?Because the newly established smaller populations have different allelic frequencies that the original population.
what three things cause changes in the allelic frequencies of a gene pool?mutation, disruptive natural selection, natural disasters
Which evolutionary hypothesis states that bursts of changes in a species are followed by long periods of no change?punctuated equilibrium
What is the half life of Carbon 14?5730 years
A pesticide is sprayed, yet some beetles in the area still thrive and reproduce. What is the best explanation of this?These beetles have a genetic variation which leaves them resistant to the pesticide.
what does disruptive natural selection means?Both extremes in this population have the advantage, while the average individuals die off
The type of evolution that occurred in finches of the Galapagos, where one type became an array of different species because of different habitats and niches, is called…?adaptive radiation
which type of sexuality would be most likely to have allelic frequency changes occur in their population?sexual reproducing organisms
What are thought to be the four gases that made up primitive Earth’s atmosphere?water vapor, ammonia, hydrogen, methane
Limbs of different species that have similar bone placement are examples of what type of comparative anatomy structures?homologous
A structure that has no present purpose that is still passed on generation after generation is called?vestigal structure
If evolution occurs rapidly in a species because one extreme variation is more favorable, which type of natural selection is most likely in affect?directional
What was the purpose of the Urey Miller experiment?To see if it is possible to make bio-molecules or living material from abiotic factors on primitive Earth
A physical barrier separates a population and over time the two seperated groups adapt to their different environments. What is this separation called?geographic isolation
What main factor determines if speciation has occurred?Reproductive Compatibility – can they still interbreed?
Two distantly related organisms on opposite sides of the planet have similar niches. Similar traits are advantageous for both species in their environments, so over millions of years these two species become more and more alike. What type of evolution is this?covergent
When organisms move in or out of a population, either taking away or adding to the gene pool, this is called…..? gene flow