Bio DNA and Protein Synthesis

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Genetic Modification Changes to an organisms genes done by scientists
Asexual Reproduction Cells will have the exact same DNA as one parent
Sexual Reproduction Offspring will have half the DNA from one parent and half from the other parent
Nucleotide? Parts? A repeating subuint that makes up DNA, made pf sugar, phosphate group, and a nitrogen-containing base.
Compare and contrast DNA and RNA DNA is double stranded, RNA is single. DNA has sugar deoxyribose, RNA has sugar riobose. DNA has base Thymine (T), RNA has base uracil (U)
How does DNA carry the genetic code to make proteins? DNA transcribes to RNA which then makes the amino acids and in the sequence of the nitrogen bases.
Replication? DNA unzips and each side is used as a template to make a complimentary strand. in hte end you have two identical copies of DNA
Transcription? The first phase of protein synthesis during which the information contained in DNA is converted into a messanger
Translation? The codons of mRNA are read by the ribosomes. Each codon matches with an anti-codon on a tRNA molecule that carries amino acids to the ribosomes in order to build a protein molecule
Point mutation? Changes ONE base which changes ONE codon which MIGHT change one amino acid in a protein
Frameshift mutation? Adds or deletes one or more bases, shifting the reading frame and changing ALL the amino acids following the spot of mutation
What amino acids does the mRNA stand code for? Serine and Stop
Cell components from smallest to largest? Nucleotide, gene, chromosome, nuclus, cell

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