Bio Chem Pt 2

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Question Answer
CompoundA substance that is made of atoms of two or more elements
Chemical bondAs atoms become stable, they can join with one another
Two Major Bond TypesIonic bond and Covalent bond
Ionic BondInvolve attractions of cations and anions
Covalent bond Involve atoms sharing electrons to form molecules
MoleculesParticles with more than one atom created via covalent bonds
Polar BondAtoms in a covalent bond hogging electrons, causing uneven, partial charges
Polar MoleculeMolecule with partial charges
Hydrogen bondSuper weak bond
Chemical reactionAtoms break and/or form chemical bonds
ReactantsBeginning substance
ProductEnd substance
MetabolismAll chemical reactions that take place in an organism
WorkMovement of an object or a change in the physical structure of matter
EnergyCapacity to perform work
kinetic energyEnergy of motion
Potential energyStored energy
Mechanical, chemical, electrical, radiantMany forms of energy
Can be converted but never 100% efficiencyEnergy
Lost energyIs Heat
Activation energyEnergy needed to start a reaction
Catalyst substance that accelerates chemical reactions by lowering activation energy
Exergonic reactionsRelease energy
Endergonic reactionsNet absorb energy
CatabolismCollective decompositon reactions
HydrolysisUses water to break molecules apart
Dehydratin synthesisRemoves water to build a molecule
Anabolic reactionsGeneral endergonic

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