Bio Chem Part 4

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Question Answer
Only have single bomdsSaturated fatty acids
Have one or more double bondsUnsaturated (mono or poly) fatty acids
Produce x2 as much energy as carbsLipids
Makes fat (most commonly triglycerides)Fatty acids and glycerol
Basic steroidCholesterol
Can link two amino acids into a dipeptidePeptide bonds
Many peptide to dipeptide bondsPolypeptide
Polypeptides with over 100 amino acidsProtein
Sequence of amino acids in a single polypeptide changePrimary structure
Result of intramolecular hydrogen bonds forming simple structuresSecondary structure
Involves more complex folding of the entire polypeptideTertiary structure
Results form the interactions of several polypeptides to form a protein complexQuaternary structure
Proteins that catalyze reactionsEnzymes
SubstratesReactants in enzymatic reactions
Adenine paired with Thymine
Cytosine paired with Guanine
Made by aerobic respiration in the mitochondiraATP
Breaking high energy bonds createsADP
A free phosphate group, and energy that can be harnessed to do workADP