BIO Cell Membrane

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selectively permeableto control what exits and enters the cell
protects cell fromits surrondings
cell to cell adhesioncells sticking to their neighbours. imostasis: when cells don't stick together (ceasing, causes cancer)
adhesion to extracellular structuresex: cell wall or glucocalux
ion transportrequires energy as ions must be pumped across the membrane

Cell Membrane is consisted of

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the cell membrane consists of a double layer ofphospholipids
phospholipids makes up30% of the cell membrane.
50% of the cell membrane ismade up of proteins.
there are carbohydrates attached to the phospholipidGlycolipid
there are carbhohydrates attached to proteinGlycoprotein
in animal cells, the membrane also containschloesterol, a stiffening agent

Whats in the cell membrane

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carbseither attached to a protein or lipid on outside of the cell (cell to cell adhesion)
cholestoralgives strength and structure
phospholipidprotecting from enviroment

Ways of transportation in cell membrane

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diffusionmoving from high to low concentration (O2, CO2)
osmosishigh to low concentration in water (H2O)
facilitated diffusionuses pores to move larger stuff from high to low
active transportcells burn energy to activate the pores to move ions across membrane
endocytosisobtain/getting stuff in. Pinocytosis: small stuff. Phagocytosis: big stuff

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