BIO 3500 EXAM 2

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week 5, powerpoint 10. Arthropod Pests

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CockroachesChronic associations with people. Food contamination. Induced allergies. Psychological Stress.
What do cockroaches Bitefingernails, eyelashes, skin calluses, food residues
S poor housekeeping cause of infestations of cockroaches?it can, but not always
how do they spread pathogensmechanically
Cockroach factsControversial role in public health.
Cockroach pathogens32 species of bacteria, including Bacillus subtilis (conjunctivitis), E. coli / Salmonella (diarrhea, gastroenteritis, food poisoning), Salmonella typhi (typhoid fever), Toxoplasma gondii
Cockroach worms Hookworms, roundworms, pinworms, tapeworms, whipworms, nematodes. Intermediate hosts of veterinary importance.
Allergens produced by cockroaches includeExoskeletons, frass, living individuals
areants, bees, and wasps
Bees and wasps classification till infraorderKingdom Animalia, Phylum Arthropoda, Class Insecta, Order Hymenoptera, Suborder Apocrita, Infraorder Aculeata.
Aculeate HymenopteraStinging hazard to people Sting used offensively to subdue prey Used defensively and aggressively Venoms contain a cocktail of chemicals
Aculeate Hymenoptera VenomsCytotoxic and hemolytic proteins and alkaloids, Designed to cause pain and swelling
What is the Schmidt Sting pain indexmade by Justin Schmidt, an entomologist, to compare pain and duration of various insect stings. Runs from 1-4, with 4 being the worst.
Spiders - what spiders have venom?Virtually all spiders have venom glands. They are Cytolytic (makes cells burst), neurotoxic, disrupt blood flow. Severity of reaction depends on spider, its size, and amount of venom injected
Brown Recluse name, number of eyes, where livesLoxosceles reclusa 6 eyes. Southeastern and central US. Highly cytotoxic venom. Tissue necrosis.
Southern Black Widow name, unique features. where, type of bite response, death rateLatrodectus mactans Female may eat male after mating. Eastern US and Mexico. Systemic bite response. Complications of shock, leukocytosis, and lesions on spleen, liver, and kidney Death rate 4-5% in untreated cases
What insect caues complications of shock, leukocytosis, and lesions on spleen, liver, and kidney?Latrodectus mactans, the Southern Black Widow
Tarantula Family, facts Theraphosidae is the family. All venomous They 1. Threat posture 2. Stridulation 3. Slap Down 4. Urticating Hairs (American tarantula) 5. Biting
Tarantula EnvenomizationMilder than a honeybee. Tremors. Hyperactivity. Difficulty breathing. Muscular rigidity. Priapism (painful erection). Sweating. Uncontrolled crying. Delirium.
Tarantula name factsfrom Italy. They thought dancing was the cure - 3-4 days at a time, frenzied dancing, mass hysteria. Thought it stayed in the body.
Beetles Can causeskin, eye, ear, and nose irritations; respiratory allergies; gastrointestinal discomfort. Because of Poisonous secretions, ingestion, physical contact
What are Blister BeetlesAlso called Meloidae. They secrete cantharidin. Blister-causing skin irritations. Reflex bleeding. Males only.
The Spanish Fly is called, they thought it did what?Lytta vesicatoria Traditional apothecaries. Aphrodisiac via urination. Taken orally as a crushed powder
Bombardier beetles are called what, what group, do what?Carabidae. When disturbed, they eject a noxious chemical spray composed of hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide. Chemicals mix in “explosion chamber” 100°C and pressure buildup.
Use these three fluids to acquire sodiumTear-, Sweat-, and Blood-Feeding Lepidoptera
Tear-, Sweat-, and Blood-Feeding Lepidoptera are what type of leps, chat genus, what type of mouthpartsHematophagous Leps. Genus Calyptra (Erebidae). Modified proboscis to pierce skin - Barbs and hooks. Localized irritation/ inflammation.
Hematophagous Leps as potential vectors?we talked about it 3/21/16
What is Delusory Parasitosis A psychological condition where people think they’re being bitten by or their homes are infested with arthropods. Failing eyesight, conditions of psoriasis. Many seek medical care and entomological support. Usually bring skin scrapings, vacuumed debris.
What is Morgellons DiseaseBelief of being infested with insects Coined by Mary Leitao. Son had sores on his lips and found fibers poking out of them. Took him to Johns Hopkins dr who found nothing wrong; was “using” him. Lobbied Congress for the CDC to investigate this condition. Formed the Morgellons Research Foundation; closed in 2012. CDC in 2012 published that Morgellons patients had no infestation; scientific community in agreement. Name derived from 1656 essay by Thomas Browne A Letter to a Friend Distempered children named morgellons break out with hairs on their backs Has received enormous media attention. Cellulose fibers in cotton seem to be the culprit