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X-linked gene is recessive
Theory of segregation happens with 1 gene and is whenGenotype splits or seperates into gametes (sperm/egg)
Theory of independent assortment happens with 2 or more genes and is whenGenotype independently sorts into gametes
Genetic disorders mutations, chromosome structure, and chromosome number
Nondisjunction chromosomes do not ____________seperate during anaphase
Probability of a crossover between two genes on the same chromosome ______________________ non sister chromatids come closer, genes come closer
metaphase chromosomes arranged as pairs is known as _______________karyotyping
Genetic relationships of individuals which can identify inheritance patterns and track genetic abnormalities through generations is _________________Pedigree Charting
Autosomal dominant disorders: ____________ and ______________Achondroplasia (dwarfism) and (huntingtons disease)
Autosomal recessive disorders: _______________________________sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, and albinism
Autosomal =1-22nd chromosome
sex linked =23rd chromosome and always X linked
ff or two lower case =sufferer of recessive
DD or two upper case =sufferer of dominant
Mendels' law of independent assortment means variation
chromosomes other than those involved in sex determintation are calledAutosomal and are numbered 1-22
A gamete affected by nondisjunction chromosomal number changes by one extra or one less causing a disorder
A diagnosis on Down Syndrome made before a child is born may be called _____________________Amniocentesis or CVS
One of two or more alternative forms of a gene for a single traitalleles
F2 generation of a mono hybrid cross involving complete dominance, the expected phenotypic ratio is __________1:3
The results of a testcross reveal that all of the offspring resemble the parent being tested. That parent being tested is nessicarily ___________________homozygous dominant
Two heterozygous for the same characteristic are crossed. Complete dominance, the expected genotypic ratio would be ___________ Genotypic=1BB:2Bb:1bb Phenotypic=3:1
If Tall (T) is dominant over short (t) the offspring of the cross would beall the same phenotype (Tt)
To Mendelwhat kind of genes dissapear in the F1 pea plants?the recessive genes
If B is dominant over short b, then tall pea plants BB and Bb have the samephenotype (outside structure)
if all offspring of a cross are Tt then the parents of these offspring are most likely__________TT and tt
Describe an individual for which two alleles of a pair are different.heterozygous
This nucleus has a pair of genes for each trait, one of each of two homologous chromosomes, the nucleus is considered to be Diploid
the unknown genotype of a black dog can be determined bytestcross
Snapdragons show incomplete dominance for colorgenotype and pheonotype
one abnormal and one normal gene are present in an individual, the individual is affected by the abnormality proving that this abnormaity isdominant
X linked recessive inheritence disorder affects which gender more?Males
Tall pea plants are dominant over short pea plants. a cross between heterozygous tall pea plant and a homozygous small pea plant results in?50% tall (Bb) and 50% short (bb)
polygenic meansmany genes
examples of polygenic inheritence areskin color, eye color, face length, height
Enviornment effectsphenotype and true switches in genes
Black, yellow, and chocolate coats in Labradors is an example of Epistasis (one trait being effected by multiple genes
multiple effects of a gene mutation like sickle cell anemiapleotropy SRY gene = one gene many features

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