Bio 121 Lab Practical 2

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Question Answer
stridulationsound production with file and scaper
baltic amberfossilized coniferous tree resin
consolidationconcentrated frequency of the sexual signal
orthopteragrasshopper, cricket, katydid, compound eyes, large prothorax and femora, ovipositor, tympanum
coleopterabeetles, MOST SPECIES, sclerotized, no ocelli, ELYTRA, membranous hindwings
elytrasclerotized forewings (coleoptera)
dipteraflies, membranous forewings, halteres (hind wings reduced)
lepidopterabutterflies, moths, compound eyes with either ocelli or chaetosemata, scales on wings
hymenopterawasps, ants, bees, compound eyes, ovipositer may be a stinger
incomplete metamorphosislarva is a nymph, look same
complete metamorphosisegg, larva, pupa, adult
Nicrophorus marginatusthe bug with file on dorsal, scraper on wing
Malaysian giant katydid (macrolyristes corporalis) file on left wing, scraper on other side
Hippodamia convergens/ lady bugprey on crop pests (aphids), same spot pattern
sexual dimorphismsexes look different
pronotal humpson hissing cockroach, bumps on males pronotum
Nepenthes (ventricosa)leaves that capture and digest insects (cells produce nectar, make waxy lining causing insects to slip into pitcher and drown)