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FTPfile transfer protocol, allows users to copy files between local system over the network
WWWis an information space here documents are identified by Uniform Resources Locators
Saasis a cloud service that is growing and offers complete platform to the client, no need to install and run apps on compters. everything is managed by the vendor such as applications, data, OS, virtualization storage and networking like googe apps and salesforce
Paasplatform as a service, provides cloud components, but allows the client to customize and build the application. OS, virtualization, server, storage and netowrk are managed. developers will manage the application, however. like google apps
Iaasinfrastructure as a service is for self service. user manages os, applications, data. networking, storage and server is managed.
Cloudcomputing servivice the internet, like applications
Edi electronic data interchange is comptuer to comptuer exchange of business documents. they are transmitted directly through the server basically on a cloud
DAXdata analysis expression is a program used to define calculations in powerpivot for excel or any model in sql
VirtualizationIs created software that is not installed, for applications servers, storage and networks. it reduces IT expenses and boosts efficiency for all businesses
FirewallSoftware fireall only protects computer that its installed on. hardware firewall defends multiple computers
VPNvirtual private network using the internet to connect to a private network in a firewall.
ExtranetAllows users to access information over the internet in a secured way
Intranet is a local retricted network, using the www software
Internetconsisting over interconneted networks with standardized communication protocols
tcp-iptransmission control protocol. is a program for assembling information into packets over the internet, into another tcp which converts it into the original message
ipv4 and ipv6is an internet protocol tool for data communication over networks. ipv6 is upgraded version of ipv4
LANa local area network, often a single room that has multiple computers connected together. often there is a central domain server which its connected to
WANwide area network, is a telecom network that extends over large geographical distance. is often constructed from smaller server types. an example is an ATM, DSL or Dial up service
ip addressa string of numbers that identifies each computer using internet protocol
MAC addressmedia access control, is an identifier of the network that a computer is using. its given to a network adapter
network cardis used to connect a comptuer to a lan. most computers have a network card
HUBa connection port for LAN
routeris a network device that forwards data between computer networks
twisted pair a two way network cable comprise of two conductors and a circule to cancel out interference
fiber opticis a method of network that involves using optical fibers to carry light. it transmits information much faster between different parts of a building
wifia wireless method of connecting to a network
e businessa business which operates using data with a platform that incldues network, hardware, and software business platform
value chainis a process of organizations, having a service with subsystem such as input, transformation process and output
procurementacquisition of inputs, resources
human resource managementhiring, recruiting, training,
tech developmentpertains to equipment procedures and technical knowledge
infrastructureserves companies needs with accounting, finance, planning, qa and management
minicomputer 1982input via computer, storage with floppy and back up on hardrive. processing - simple input uses memory with processor make output via display or printer
computer system 201xa) front end (input): ram, processor, pc, storage. b) back end (processing): server memory, storage c) output: server backup, printer, storage
scalabilityhow many users, how is system used, how often, are other systems using same software
scalability determined bysupplier info, benchmarking, tests, measurement
back endcentral computing - clusters, processor capacity, memory capacity, storage, environment
front enda) technological hardware for accessing and inputting data. requirements are memory, display, storage connection to back end and servers (lan, wan, wireless)
strategy issuesdetermined by technology stack: complexity, optimization. strategy layer: platform (must be company level for system) suppier continuity (partner selection, better if few parties) and business drivers.
basic computer architecturecpu, memory, input/output
busused to transfer information from a few different modules in a computer. communication on a bus is broken down into transactions
mainframecan either be a mega computer supporting other computers, or cpu of a computer
serveris a computing program or device that provides functionality for other programs or devices, called clients
sap erpenterprise resource planning software, incorporates key business functions advantages: allows global integration updates only need to be done when company has an update/ provides real time info. grandfather usage - a lot of experience with users.
sap disadvantagelocked into contracts, inflexible, might not suit all of the companies business model
sap netweavernetweaver server is the runtime environment for all sap applications, including ERP. using abap language, but also incorporates java, c++
blade serveris a chassis that houses circuit boards which each one is a server
the sap serversare all housed in magdeburg, using a multitude of HP server systems, and supplies the client with the variation software
sap hanais a cloud based sap erp system
business intelligenceis a set of strategies, processes and applications, data used to the support analysis and presentation of business information for management to make operational decisions, via analytics: 1. predictive 2. decriptive datamining 3. prescriptive for optimization
business intelligence maturity levelsand leadership values increase in parallel
etlis extract, transform, load - three database functions combined in one tool that pulls data from database and places it in another
power privotself service business intelligence platform
data warehouseis used to store information from ETL's
data miningis when old data is compared to new, and triggers some sort of action
data warehousingis when information is stored centrally and predicts what is likely to happen
microsoft navis a microsoft erp verision, but it uses microsoft sql server
olapis a key process of data warehousing. instead of supporting the back end with ETL, it presents the information in visualizations
business intelligencecan be provided by self service, or by contacting a third party
bi maturityunmanaged, managed technical environment, managed process and governed business insight are all forms of business level maturity. governed is the final and most important goal of bi
dbmsdatabase management system - used to analzye data. it can also define, query and update data (like ms sql or oracle)
impact on bisintroducing new technology is the main challenge for bis developers
apiaplication program interface - set of function that allow creation of application which accesdata of an os, applicatio or service (like javascript, xml or html5)
thin clienta lightweight computer that is meant for virtualization into remote servers and depends on another comptuer for its computing

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