Bible Vocab - 1st Qtr

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Question Answer
aramaicthe language of Jesus. Hebrew is a dialect of Aramaic
ANEabbreviation for Ancient Near East
apocalyptichaving to do with the end of the world
bedouina nomadic Arab of the desert
bibliosGreek word meaning "books", source word for "bible"
biblical inerrancythe doctrine that believes the Scriptures are free from error
canonthe official list of the inspired books of the bible
deuterocanonicalthis comes from the Greek meaning "second canon"
diasporathe forced exile of Jews from their homeland; Jews living outside Israel
ehad"one" and "only"
gospel"good news"
Herod the Greatan abmbitious ruler who took over the Palestine with the support of the Romans. Also known as a great builder.
imago dei"image of God" in Latin
inspiredmeans "breathed in"
LHWPthe 4 categories of the Old Testament: law, historical, wisdom, prophetic
monotheismbelief in the existence of only one supreme being "God"
papyrusmost common material upon which ancient scrolls were written
parchmentwriting material made from the skin of an animal
non-canonicala writing that is not included in the accepted list
parousiathe second coming of Christ at the end of time, fully realizing God's plan & the glorification of humanity
pneumaGreek word for wind, spirit, air
pentateuchGreek word for five books of the Bible
ruahHebrw word for wind, spirit, air
sacred scriptureanother term Christians use for the books of the Bible which they believe contain the truth of God's revelation
secta group of people with somewhat different beliefs
sh'mathe central prayer of Judaism; it means "listen up!" or "hear!"
Sinaithe mountain of the Hebrew or "Old Covenant" also known as "Horeb"
torahHebrew word for "Law, teaching, instruction" - a guide for living
western wallremnant from the Second Temple in Jesusalem constructed by Herod the Great, also known as the Wailing Wall
written traditionthe form of passing down history by Israelite people by which they started writing down the stories of their heritage around 1000 BC

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