Bible Test

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What is a metanarrative?a single, over arching interpretation, or a good story, of reality
What is the biblical metanarrative?is diverse but unified, with tensions that result and an over arching plot that holds the story together
How is the biblical metanarrative different from other metanarratives?J.R.R Tolkien said to C.S. Lewis "this is the great myth that turned out to be true"
Agnosticismthe belief that knowledge of God is ultimately inaccessible or unknowable
Anthropolgythe study of humanities orgins, cultures, and behaviors
Asceticismthe practice of avoiding all forms of indulgance
Astrologythe belief that astronomical events affect human events and that human beings can gain insight by studying the movements and positions of celestial bodies
Atheismthe belief that God does not exist
Cosmologythe study of the structure, origin, and design of the universe
Deismthe belief that God exists and created the world but currently stands completely apart from his creation

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Gnosticismmaterial world was creati