Bible Covenants - 1st Qtr

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Question Answer
The covenant is for whom?Jews, Hebrews, Israelites
Where was the covenant inaugurated?Mt. Sinai aka Mt. Horeb
Through whom is the covenant inaugurated?Moses
What was the main covenantal event?The exodus from Egypt (God delivers Israel from slavery)
What are the contractual guidelines of the covenant?The Ten Commandments (Decalogue)
What was the covenantal meal?The "Passover" or Seder meal
What was the sign of the convenant?male circumcison
Numer of books - Catholics?46
Numer of Books - Protestants?39
Number of Books - Jews?24
How many years of convenantal history have been documented?Nearly 2000 (from Abraham until a century before the coming of Jesus)
What is the predominant language of Books?Hebrew
Name the "key expression" of the CovenantSh'ma (Deut 6:4)

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