Bhakthi movement

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Bhakthi movement introduction

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What was the reason for medieval Bhakti movement ?direct result of the influence of the spread of Islam in India, whereas bhathi cult of 7th and 8th century was because of Saivaite Nayanmars and Vashnavaite Alwars under the Pallavas, Pandyas and Cholas
Who was the first sufi saint ?Shaikh Ismail of Lahore
Where did sufism originate ?Persia and spread into India in the eleventh century
Where did Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti settle in ?Ajmer
Who was founder of Chishti order ?Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti
Who was the founder of Suhrawardi Order ?Shihabuddin Suhrawardi
Nizamuddin Auliya belonged to which orderChishti
How does Advaita describe attributes of god ?Nirgunabrahman(God without attributes)
Where was sankara born ?Kaladi in kerala
Where was Ramanuja born ?Sriperumbudur near modern Chennai
How was vishishtadvaita describe god ?Sagunabrahman (god with attributes)
What did Ramanuja preach to attain god to his followers ?prabattimarga or path of self-surrender to God
Surdas was the disciple of ?Vallabhacharya
Surdas popularized theKrishna cult in north India
Who composed Ramcharitmanas ?Tulsidas
What is common to Ramananda, Kabir and Nanak ?condemned polytheism and believed in one god, denounced all forms of idolatory, strongly believed in Bhaktias the only means of salvation, emphasises fundamental unity of all religions
Ramananda was born at ?Allahabad
Ramananda was originally a follower of ?Ramanuja
Where did Ramananda teach ? Banaras and Agra
Ramananda was a worshipper of and was 1st to ?Rama, first to employ the vernacular medium to propagate his ideas
Ramananda's follower Kabir was a ?Muslim weaver
Ramananda's follower Raidasa was a ?cobbler
Ramananda's follower Sena was a ?barber
Ramananda's follower Sadhana was a ?butcher
Ramananda's follower Naraharai was a ?goldsmith
Ramananda's follower Pipa was a ?Rajput prince
Where was kabir born ?near Banaras to a brahmin widow but he was brought up by a Muslim couple who were weavers by profession
What are Kabir's followers called ?Kabirpanthis
Guru Nanak was a disciple of ?Kabir
Where was Guru Nanak born ?Talwandi near Lahore
Who was Chaitanya ?saint and reformer of Bengal who popularised the Krishna cult, preached that through love and devotion, song and dance, a devotee can feel the presence of God
Who was Gnanadeva ?founder of the Bhakti Movement(Maharashtra dharma) in Maharashtra in the thirteenth century
What is Gnaneswari ? Gnanadeva's commentary of Bhagavat Gita
Which Bhakti saint was a contemporary of Maharasthra ?Sivaji ( responsible for creating a background for Maratha nationalism)
What was the philosophy of Nimbarka ?Vaishnava Theology of Dvaitadvaita (dvaita-advaita) or “dualistic non-dualism". It is also known as 'Bhedābheda' (bheda-abheda) philosophy
What was the philosophy of Vallabhacharya ?Shuddha advaita (Pure Nondualism)
What was timeperiod of Vallabhacharya ?Late 15th century to early 16th century