Bergen Evans Volume IV Side 2

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Quiz 1

Question Answer
Abortfailed, came to nothing, miscarried
Affinitymutual attraction, magnetism, instinctive liking
Amalgamatejoined, combined, consolidated
Apexhigh point, climax, vertex
Aspersionslander, defamation, calumny
Bovineslugging, slow, stolid
Chimericalfantastic, visionary, absurdly improbable
Coalescejoined together, merged, united
Cogitatethinking hard, pondering, mediating
Condignfit, deserved, merited


Quiz 2

Question Answer
Coterieset, social group, clique
Debauchlead astray, seduce, corrupt
Diurnaldaily, regular, daytime
Ductileeasily swayed, easily lead, tractable
Exiguoussmall, scanty, meager
Fetishmargic source of power, charm, amulet
Foibleweakness, frailty, shortcoming
Fortitudestrength, patience, courage
Grandiloquentlofty, pompous, inflated
Imbrogliotangled confusion, complicated misunderstanding, embroilment


Quiz 3

Question Answer
Impoliticunwise, injudicious, ill-advised,
Incipientbeginning, commencing
Ingenuousinnocently frank, candid, artless
Innuendosly hints, intimations, insinuations
Irascibleeasily angered, irritable
Limpidclear, transparent, pellucid
Malevolentspiteful, malicious, malignant
Metamorphosisbasic change, transformation, rebirth
Niggardlystingy, miserly, pinching
Nuanceshades of difference, subtle variations


Quiz 4

Question Answer
officiousimpertinent, fussy, meddlesome
Organicbasic, inherent
peripheryboundary, edge, outside
piquantstimulating, stirring, provocative
plethoricdull, stuffed, turgid
prognosticateforetell, predict, forecast,
pulchritudephysical beauty, attractiveness, comeliness
rapaciousferociously greedy, ravenous, predatory
reconnoiterspy out, examine, explore
reprobationdisapproval, censure, rejection


Quiz 5

Question Answer
salubrioushealth giving, wholesome, salutary
Schismdivision, disunion over a difference opinion
somnolentdrowsy, tired, sleepy
Stratagemtrick, device, scheme
supplicationprayer, petition, entreaty
traumaticemotionally shocking, psychologically injurious
umbrageresents, takes offense at, gets gloomy
vacuityemptiness, vacancy, inanity
virilemanly, masculine,vigorous
voraciousall-devouring, greedy, ravenous