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foamy histiocytes (xanthoma cells)Verruciform Xanthoma benign epithelial lesion, unknown cause (maybe trauma)
koilocytes + keratohyaline granulesVerruca Vulgaris Common Warts, HPV 2/4, tx is simple excision with SCALPEL
Condyloma acuminatum lesions may be co-infected with ______ and cause SCC/malignant transformationHPV 16/18
Thin parakeratin, short bulbous projections with koilocytes WITHOUT keratohyalineCondyloma Acuminatum Venereal warts
benign lesions commonly found on lingual frenum, ventral tongue, floor of mouth Condyloma Acuminatum Venereal warts;
Benign, broad-based epithelial proliferation with mitosoid figuresMultifocal Epithelial Hyperplasia, Hecks Disease HPV 13, 32, Native Americans, spontaneous resolution no tx, cobblestone multiple plaques; No koilocytes, but has mitosoid bodies (looks like cells are dividing, degenerative feature of DNA)
population that most commonly gets Verruciform XanthomasWhite Women 40-70 yo conservative excision no malignant transformation


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tumor suppressor genesp53, Rb
____% of all oral cancers are SCC (due to tobacco use), ___% of cases are diagnosed at clinical stages 3 and 490%, 70%
T/F? Black males are more likely to get oral cancer <50 yo, white males more likely to get it >50 yoTrue. Also: Trends in women are similar and irrespective of race or age
leukoplakia that doesn’t exhibit dysplasia, re-biopsy in _____ if smoking continues6 months


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T/F? Oral/pharyngeal SCC is the only major cancer with death rate increased in 2006-2009 periodTRUE!
most common sites for oral carcinomaLower lip (35%), Ventrolateral tongue (25%), Floor of mouth (20%), Soft palate (15%)
HPV-associated Oropharyngeal carcinoma occurs typically in which area?tonsillar pillar region and base of tongue
smokeless tobacco associated SCC is typically in which areas?gingiva, alveolar ridge, cheek/vestibule
if depth of lesion of oral SCC is ____ in thickness, tx is neck dissection along with resection of primary tumor>4mm
metastasis of oral carcinoma is most frequently to ____cervical LNs, rarely to lungs
the overall survival rate of oral SCC is ____%50% Survival rate in any given patient depends largely on the TNM stage
special growth pattern of Verrucous Carcinoma of Ackerman ((Snuff dipper's cancer)PUSHING, not infiltrative growth pattern (instead of resorbing into musc and bone, it just grows outward)
precursor lesion of Verrucous Carcinoma of Ackerman (Snuff dipper's cancer)Verrucous hyperplasia
tx and prognosis of Verrucous Carcionma of Ackerman (snuff dipper's cancer)complete surgical excision, excellent prognosis, non-metastasizing
Abrupt onset of numerous Sebaceous Keratosis/wartsLeser-Trelat syndrome associated w/ internal malignancy, stomach adenocarcarcinoma occasionally lymphoma, leukemia & others
_________% of Head & Neck SCC are HPV related, _________% of Oropharyngeal SCC are HPV positive. Most common HPV subtype is ___20%, >50%, HPV16
___ is used as a surrogate marker for identifying HPV+ cancersp16 overexpression (main test!!), decreased levels of EGFR, increased nuclear B-catenin
most common skin cancerBasal Cell Carcinoma