Bell Time and Famous Naval Sayings

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Question Answer
Mid Watch0000-0400
Morning Watch0400-0800
Forenoon Watch0800-1200
Afternoon Watch1200-1600
Evening Watch2000-2400
1st Dog1600-1800
2nd Dog1800-2000
Why do we dog the watch?Chow relief and to Rotate the Watch
What are sliders?Hamburgers
When is slider day?Wednesday
Mid RatsDinner leftovers for people that stand midwatch
End of the Day2400
JunkfoodGeedunk-Pogey Bait
"I have not yet begun the fight."John Paul Jones
"Men mean more than guns in the rating of a ship."John Paul Jones
"He who will not risk cannot win."John Paul Jones
"If the mast goes, we go with it. Our post is here."Midshipman Jarvis
"Good discipline is considered by all who know anything of service as the vital part of the ship at war."Cpt. Thomas Truxton
"If that fellow wants a fight we won't disappoint him."Cpt. Isaac
"The colors must never be struck."Lt. William Burrows
"We have met the enemy and they are ours."Commodore Oliver
"An officer is much more respected than any other men who has as little money."Samuel Johnson
"Fight her til he sinks and don't give up the ship."Cpt. James Lawrence
"Damn the torpedoes; four bells, Captain Drayton. Go ahead, Jouett-fullspeed.Farragut
"The best protection against enemy fire is a well directed fire from our own guns."Farragut
"You may fire when ready."Dewey