Behavorial with pharm

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Question Answer
most common way of n women.... (women pills most common method of unsuccessful)
highest suicide rate adolseceantsamerican indian
highest suicide risk groupboys who are depressed and/or drink heavily aged 15-19
most hospital admissions diseasepsychiatric
most day in hospitaldx of cardio
most days lost from workURI
most work related disabilityMSK
most likely msk related man and womanback pain
2nd most likely msk relatedcarpal tunnel
capitationbasically dr springer.. one fee everyone all month
man has aidshomo/bi
man recetly gets hiviv drug user
most common trasmition hivhetero contact
hiv drugs to prevent spread to child b tx motherAZT and nevarapine... must have nevara no matter what..can opt out of azt
race with highest infant mortalityblack
dopamine is the basic addiction pathway..whats the pathwaymedial forebrain bundle -----nucleus accumbens---ventral tegmental area
what part of brain triggers cravingsinsular cortex..anterior insula
stages of changes.. suggest tx optionsacttion stage..disulfarum (acetaldehyde accumulates). BUT AA is better
stages of changes.. small symbolic actionpreparation
stages of changes..there are things that can be donecontemplation
stages of changes.begin looking at consequences of behaviorprecontemplation
stages of changes..start process overrelapse
topirimate..anticonvulant alcohol addictionincreases GABA to inh glutamate..aacomprosate is better
tx of alcohol related seizuresbenzos
drug reduces relapse by 50% smokinhnaltrexone
amphetamines and cocaine moaincrease dopamine
amphetamines and and physical sxeuphoria..hypervigilance..anxiety..stereotyped nehavior (paging thru magazine)..grandiose... PUPILLARY DILATION
amphetamines and cocaine...withdrawalfatigue..excess sleep..depression..increase appetite
tx of amph cocaineantipsychotics lower dopamine.. nucleus accumbens.. bromocriptine (pro dopamine to help withdrawal)
helpful assoc with hallucinogesn.. lsd..peyote.. flashbacks, synesthesias, perceptual impariment...lack of coordinatin (perceived)
hallucinogesn.. lsd..peyote.. txtalking down-supportive...antipsychotics..benzos
inhalants... paint thinner.. shoe polish.. etc sxCRUSTING AROUND THE NOSE AND MOUTH, belligerant, lack of coordination (cerebellar), nystagmus..lethargy profileYOUNG POOOR MALES
vereneclenebinds nicotine rec..stop smoking
bromocriptine.nac pathway
opiates.. heroine..morphine..codeine etcpupillary constriction... constipstion..respiratory depression..coma..death
opiate withdrawalworst flu ever.. pupil dilation
naloxone half life90 min
nalTREKzone half life24 hrs
clonidine for withdrawal of heroine opiates..palliative
methadone more addicting..but txopiate addiction
buprenorphinestopes opiate addiction
most rx drug for opiate addictionmethadone
drug rx so no longer opiate addictbuphrenorphine
pcp sxhypersensitive.. hypersalivation.. superhuman strength..assautive..combative..paranoid
pcp txnon stimulating enviromwnt
amphetimine/cocaine psychopharmnac pathway..addiction
caffeiene psychohparmincreased cAMP
weed psychopharmGi....increased GABA
hallucinogens psychopharm5HT
nictoine psychopharmnac and ach
opiate psychopharmnac and locus ceruleus pathway
phyncyclodine PCP.. psychopharmNMDA receptor
main sx of rave ecstacydehydration
weird bruisessuspect steroid use... malignant acne..mood changes