Basic Monitoring

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Infrared Absorbtion AnalysisMeasures gas's ability to absorb specific frequencies
Raman ScatteringLaser beam through gas mixture causing increased vibration of excited gas molecules. Miolcules get scattered at certain frequencies
Mass Spectrometery Ionizes gas molecules and passes them through a magnetic field
What law is Mass Spectrometry?Beer-Lambert Law
Piezoelectric gas analyzerA crystal coded liquid resonates when exposed to gas
Photoacoustic gas analyzerGas molecules increase or decrease in temp, chamber pressure increases or decreases. Microphone
What law is photoacoustic gas anaylzer?Gay-Lussac's Law

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Electroglavanic Cell analyzerhas a membrane that is permeable to gasses but not liquids. Electrical current proportional to partial pressure of O2
Polargraphic electrodecurrent flows in proportion to oxygen. Platinum and silver electrodes immeres in a potassium chloride electrolyte cell

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What is contraindicated with esophageal stethoscope?esophageal varices, end stage liver disease
Adequate BIS level for anesthesia40-40
Deoxy hgb660
oxy hgb940
What must be monitored in all post anesthesia pts?N/V, pain, temp, hydration, mental status, cardiac status, resp status