Barrett's Oesophagus

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Question Answer
What epithelial change is present in Barrett's oesophagus?Squamous epthielium to columnar epithelium
Name 3 risk factorsGORD, white ethnicity, male
Name 3 symptomsHeartburn, dysphagia, laryngitis, cough and SOB
What is the initial test in patients with dysphagia?Upper GI contrast radiography- evaluates for a mass lesion or stricture before endoscopy. You cannot diagnose Barret's, can document other signs of GO reflux disease or a hiatal hernia (risk factor for Barrett's)
How would you diagnose Barrett's oesophagus?Upper GI endoscopy with biopsy- able to see the abnormal epithelium characteristics of Barrett's. Can see areas of ulceration, stricture and modularity and can be targeted for biopsy
What are 5 options for treatment?PPI plus surveillance (omeprazole 20mg once daily), radio frequency ablation (can be a way of eliminating Barrett's metaplasia without dysplasia), anti-reflux surgery plus surveillance, endoscopic mucosal resection (for nodular Barrett's), oesophagectomy