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Alcohol by VolumeUsed to Measure the alcohol content of a beverage. Equal to half of the proof.
Back/BackerUsually water that you have in addition to your drink that has alcohol. Soda or Beer can be a back.
Blend Pouring ingredients into blender usually with ice. Margarita's, Milkshake type of drinks. Remember the more Ice used the thicker the drink will be.
Build/LayeredA layered drink is Built.One alcohols at a time is added. start with the heaviest then add the next lighter and so on.
Call/Premium/Top ShelfExpensive Alcohols. Not Well Drinks
ChaserWhat ever you drink after a shot. It can be a Mix drink, Soda, water...
Cloudywhen Martini has been shaken it gets a cloudy look.
DashIs just a few drops.
DoubleGenerally 3 oz of Alcohol.
Float/TopLiquor or Ingredient is layed at the top drink
Free PourPour
GarnishGarnishes are put in drinks
Hard PourPouring
Mixeradding to the cocktail other than alcohol.
MuddleTool Used
Neat/ Plainnothing added to alcohol.

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NFLNo Fucking Lime
On the RocksPour over ice
PeelSmall strip of peel cut from the fruit.
RimRim the glass with
RollFill glass with Ice
ShakenPour ingredients into shaker the contains ice.
Shaken & Strain Pour ingredients into shaker with ice & shake well; then strain into glass.
ShotU.S. 1.25 - 1.5 oz of spirit. Establishment may very in sizes of shot glasses.
Shooter Has juice or cream
SplashSplash is right around 1/4 oz
Straight Up/ UPChilled with Ice then strained into glasss
Tall Larger glass
TwistCitrus peel
Virgin DrinkDrinks with NO Alcohol.
Well Drinks/ HouseCheaper house alcohol.
Wet/DryMartini Trem

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Doggy StyleSalt the rim of the glass
Up against the wallFloat, Top with Galliano
ScreamingFloat, Top with Vodka
Down & DirtyFloat, Top with Meyers Dark Rum
MultipleFloat, Top with Tia Maria
On the BeachFloat, Top with Malibu
With a BangFloat, Top with Bacardi 151
Big Red BallsFloat, Top with Grenadine
With a ZingFloat, Top with Peach Schnapps
Shamrock Day or St. Patty's DayAdd 1/2 oz of Green Creme de Menthe to Drink

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FDA LimitBacardi 151 instead
Don't Screw w/ itDon't add Vodka
Don't Screw it upDon't add Vodka
Screw w/ itAdd Vodka
Gold Mexican Hat Fling in the wind1 oz Shot of Gold Tequila on the side
Prance a pony on the bar1oz main alcohol in a Snifter
1 or 2 RedsMaraschino Cherries
1 or 2 1st normal garnish, 2nd lemon twists
For JoanNo Cherries
Stiff, Hard, with a Hard Onuse a Stemmed Glass
Bucketuse a Bucket Glass
Fit for a Kinguse a Hurricane Glass
in a 12, in a 10use a 12=Collins Glass, 10=Highball Glass
Ben Siegel21 (Double 7 & 7 )
Jackuse Tennessee Jack
Beefyuse Beefeaters Gin
Top Cabin or Top Shelfuse Premium Alcohol
Golden Gate or Cable Car Cityuse Skyy Vodka
Titanic, Glacier City, Shaker City, 007Martini Shaken not Stirred
Sahara, Desert, Barstow, Vegas, MojaveW/ No Vermouth

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