Bar Louie martinis

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Strawberry Marg *14 ozCamarena silver, O3 orange liquor, sour, strawberry puree, lime wedges **Strawberry on rim
Watermelon marg*14 ozSauza blue silver, monin watermelon, sour, lime wedges **2 lime wedges
Royally Buzzed *12 oz bucket glassCrown Royal vanilla, pure cane syrup, cold brew coffee, bitters, orange bitters **Orange twist; 1oz bailey almonde OTS, 2 sipper straws
Spicy Pineapple *12oz bucket glass Altos reposada, ancho reyes, pineapple juice, agave nectar, pineapple wedges, lime juice **1/2 rim of cayenne/salt, pineapple wedge
Angry Sailor *mason jarSailor Jerry, amaretto, lime juice, cane syrup, topped with angry orchard **Lime wheel
Me and JulioDon Julio Silver, grand marnier, lemon, lime, and orange juices, monin agave ** Lime wheel

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The manhattanMakers 46, sweet vermooth, bitters**3 cherries no stems skewered
New Old fashioned *9oz rocks glassMonin pure cane syrup, bitters, bulleit rye**cherry and orange twist skewered
Orange mule *copper mugAbsolut mandarin, solerno blood orange, lime juice, ginger beer**Lime wheel (floating)
Stoned fruit sangria *wine glassDeep eddy peach, skyy apricot, lemons and oranges, lemonade, Ruffino Rose**2 peach gummies
If you like pina coladasPineapple wedges, Absolut lime, Bacardi banana, pineapple juice, monin pure cane, lime juice**Pineapple wedge, lime wheel
90 miles to FloridaBacardi mango fusion, lime juice, mango puree, pineapple juice**Lime wheel (floating)

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The CloverCourvoisier, Makers Mark, agave nectar, lemon juice, orange juice **Orange twist
The DirtyNew amsterdam, Olive juice **3 blue cheese olives
DivaSkyy pineapple, PAMA liquor, pineapple juice, monin pomegranate **pineapple wedge
Effen Goodeffen cucumber, lime juice, agave nectar, mint leaves, cucumber slices **cucumber slice and mint sprig
Grand Lemon dropDeep eddy lemon, grand marnier, lemon juice, pure cane syrup **sugar rim, lemon twist
HoneydewCruzan coconut, Midori melon, pineapple juice **Pineapple wedge

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Louies CosmoAbsolut Citron, O3 orange liquor **lemon twist
Pom PecheAbsolut peach, pomegranate syrup, mango puree, orange juice, sprite **orange and cherry horseshoe
Rat PackGrey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, Noilly Prat dry vermouth **1 olive skewered
Sparlkin RubyDeep Eddy ruby red, St. Germaine, lemon juice, prosecco **Lemon twist
S'mores Absolut vanilla, Godiva chocolate, monin toasted marshmellow, cream **chocolate drizzle, 3 marshmallows floating
Double MelonGrey Goose Le melon, lime juice, monin watermelon, soda water **floating lime wheel

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Strawberry Peach BelliniSkyy strawberry, white peach puree, pure cane syrup, prosecco ** 3 floating raspberries
Tickled PinkX-rated fusion liquor, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, orange juice **Orange slice
Berry Mojito *14 oz glassMint leaves, lime wedges, cane syrup, blackberries, strawberry *muddle* Cruzan Black Cherry Rum, soda water **mint leaf between 2 blackberries
Havana Classic *14 oz glassMint leaves, lime wedges, cane syrup, *bruise over ice* Bacardi light Rum, soda water **2 lime wedges and mint sprig
Dos Sauza Margarita *14 oz glassSouza Blue Silver, O3 orange liquor, sour, lime wedges, Sauza Tres Gen (float) **2 lime wedges
Mango MargaritaCazadores Reposada Tequila, O4 orange liquor, sour, mango puree, lime wedges **lime and orange wedge

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Colorado Smash *12 oz bucket glass Mint leaves, Breckenridge Bourbon, Peachtree, lemon, pure cane .
Stoned Fruit SangriaDeep Eddy peach, skyy apricot, lemons & oranges sq'd and dropped, lemonade, ruffino rose
Louies Sangria *wine glassCruzan Black Cherry Rum, amaretto, Merlot, lemon, lime, orange, orange juice, sprite
Strawberry Lemonade Sangria *wine glassSkyy wild strawberry, Pinot grigio, pure cane syrup, lemon wedges, strawberry slices, sprite
Pineapple express *wine glassSkyy pineapple, lime juice, pineapple wedges, monin watermelon, pineapple juice, prosecco
Ultimate Bloody Louie *20 oz glassAbsolut Peppar, guinness, Hot sauce, bloody mary mix
Mango Limeade *14 oz glassMango, pineapple wedges, lime wedges, soda water
Watermelon Fizz *14 oz glassWatermelon syrup, lime juice, lime wedges, soda water

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